Rights and Responsibilities of Canadian Citizens

A Canadian citizen has certain rights and responsibilities towards his or her country. When you are a permanent resident and you are thinking of applying for Canadian citizenship, then it’s important that you know about these basic rights and responsibilities because it is a requirement before you are considered for citizenship.

The right to vote and run for public office

If you are still a permanent resident of Canada, you do not have the right to vote or to run for political office. Once you receive your citizenship, you would be able to vote for whoever you want, and if you think you have a chance, you can run for public office.


When you become a Canadian citizen, you must understand that you have a number of rights. These would include equality rights, mobility rights, legal rights, freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of religion, right to apply for a passport, and the right to peaceful assembly. These can also include rights to services provided by the public health system.


Being a Canadian is not all fun and games. You have certain responsibilities when you become a citizen and you have to adhere to them as much as possible. These responsibilities would include the understanding and obedience of Canadian laws, helping with the community, protection of national heritage and the environment, helping fight discrimination, voting in elections, supporting Canadian ideals, and freely expressing your opinion while respecting others’ opinions.

Fighting for your rights

In times that you feel that your rights have been violated, you may choose to take the case in court. It is important that you defend your rights because these are what the oppressed have been fighting for the longest time in human history, and it’s your responsibility to keep your rights sacred and intact.

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