Legal Issues Relating to Sponsorship for Canada Immigration

Moving to Canada to reunite with your relatives can be a great way to make your family bond stronger. One of the most stressful parts of coordinating your move to Canada is having to deal with immigrations. Not only do you have to prepare your application, but you will probably be required to have meetings or interviews with immigration officers. If you are moving to Canada to rejoin with your family, however, you may be at an advantage. When applying for family class immigration, you can get sponsorship from family members who are permanent residents in Canada. Read on for more helpful information on getting sponsorship for your immigration.

What is sponsorship, and how can you get sponsored?

One of the major classes of immigration is the family class. Basically, family class immigration pertains to people moving to Canada who already have relatives permanently living there. There are two processes for applying for sponsorship. The first process is designed for sponsoring your common-law partner, conjugal partner, spouse, and dependent children. The second process is for all other eligible relatives. The main point of the sponsorship is to encourage families to reunite.

What are the legal issues pertaining to sponsorship?

Sponsorship applies to most family relationships. In most cases, though, direct relativeshave better chances of getting granted Visas through sponsorship. Any time a Canadian resident sponsors a family member, the resident is required to provide financial support for the person they sponsor. Financial support is required for at least three to ten years, depending on the sponsored person’s age and relationship to the sponsor.

During that time period, the immigrant is normally not allowed to get financial support from the government. Immigrants that can be sponsored by Canadian residents include the spouse, conjugal partner, common-law partner, dependent child, adopted parents, godparents, and other eligible relatives.

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