What is the Canadian Experience Class?

Have you been pondering on moving to Canada permanently after working or studying in the country? For those who have spent some time in Canada, you have a great chance of getting approved for permanent immigration to this country.

Because you have experience working or studying in the country, you have better chances of moving to Canada more easily and more readily. In fact, Customs and Immigration Canada (CIC) has set up a specific immigration class for individuals like yourself: the Canadian Experience Class.

Keep reading to learn more about this special class.

Basics on the Canadian experience class

To apply for the Canadian experience class, you must currently be a temporary foreign worker in Canada or a foreign student who graduated in this country. The main point of the Canadian experience class is to make immigration easier for those who are already under temporary immigration Visas.

The guiding principle behind the experience class is that you have already learned about and been exposed to the Canadian society.

To qualify for the Canadian experience class, you must have sufficient knowledge of either English or French and must have a reasonable amount of experience as a temporary worker or student. At minimum, two years of experience is needed or two years of post-secondary school.

What are the benefits of getting this kind of assistance?

The main benefit of applying through the experience class is that the process is streamlined specifically for those who are already in Canada. As opposed to the skilled worker and the provincial nominee immigration classes, the experience class doesn’t use points system.

You will be approved or disapproved depending on your proficiency in English or French, as well as your previous experience, training, and education in the country. By applying for the experience class, you may have better chances of being granted a permanent residency in Canada.

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