What are the Kinds of Employment Opportunities in Canada

Moving to Canada for career or business purposes can be a great option. Not only does Canada have a good economy, but the country also continues to develop through the years. In fact, throughout the first decade of the 21st century, many of Canada’s provincial areas have been attracting new residents from around the world.

With the continuous growth of this country, you may want to pursue a career or a new business venture here. Read on to learn more about the business and employment opportunities in Canada.

Common Jobs in Canada

When determining the common types of jobs available in Canada, it is good to get an idea of which industries are striving in the country. The most active and dominant economic sector in Canada is the services sector.

Approximately three-fourths of Canadians are employed in the services industry. The second-largest sector is the goods-producing industries, which provide a reasonable portion of the country’s economy. Some of the specific industries that are doing well in Canada include forestry, mining, energy, agriculture, retail, business services, education, health, and high tech industries.

Where can you find employment opportunities in Canada?

When looking for employment opportunities in Canada, the best source would probably be the Internet. With the wide array of job listings and job websites on the Internet, you are likely to find a job that fits your qualifications and experience.

Be sure to check online classified ads, online job postings, and provincial websites that have information on employment in Canada. Also, you can check local newspapers, company websites, and similar sources for job openings. It is important that you get an official job offer from a Canada-based employer, if you plan on applying for a permanent or temporary Canadian working Visa.

You can also consider taking the skilled worker points test to see if you can get approved for the skilled worker immigration class.

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