How to Obtain a Canada Work Visa

Canada has a growing economy that contributes to the continued growth of the country. While a majority of the work force in Canada consist of permanent residents and Canadian citizens, the economy also gets a helpful boost from foreign workers. If you are thinking of working in Canada, it would be a good idea to learn about the work permit.

Not only can you benefit from working in this country, but you can also make your own contribution to the economy.

What is a Canada work visa?

Like other countries, Canada offers work visas for those who plan on working temporarily here. While some temporary workers do not require working permits, others do. Regardless of whether or not you are required to have a work permit, you will probably still have to submit certain papers and information.

The work permit is basically just for working purposes, which means that you may also need to apply for temporary residency in Canada to legalize your stay. One of the great things about getting approved for a work permit is that you will have a better chance when applying for permanent residency in the future.

You also have more options for the jobs you can apply for. After two years of working with a work permit, you can apply for the experience class immigration.

Basic processes in getting a work visa

When applying for a work visa, you will first need to check for the local rules, regulations, and requirements regarding work permits. Specific territories may have varying requirements, so check the Customs and Immigration Canada (CIC) webpage for updated details.

You will have to complete the application package, submit it to the proper office, and pay the processing fee. You may be required to get a passport and a temporary resident visa as well, depending on the requirements and approval details.

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