Getting the Canada Work Visa Extended: Canadian Work Permit Extensions

With its continued economic progress and business growth, Canada has attracted numerous workers from around the world. Some of these workers have moved to the country permanently, while others are on temporary work permits. If you are currently working in Canada with a temporary work permit, you may want to learn more about the limitations and conditions of this. This article will cover some basic information on the work visa, as well as provide some helpful tips for extending your temporary work permit.

How long is the work visa valid?

When applying for a temporary work visa in Canada, you are normally required to have an existing employment offer from a Canada-based employer. The terms and conditions of your visa will depend greatly on the job offer presented to you. Work visas are normally valid for six months to one year. In some cases, the work permit can be approved for a three-year period. Temporary work permits are not required for all types of employment or business in Canada, so it is important to check the provincial laws and regulations on immigration.

What can you do to extend your work visa?

There are a number of reasons you may want to apply for an extension for your work visa. Some people get offered new jobs or extension on their current job. Some leave Canada and return again to work there, while others opt for a permanent visa. The process of extending your work visa differs depending on your circumstances and the type of extension you are applying for. It would be best to use the website of Customs and Immigration Canada (CIC) to research on the specific rules, regulations, and processes regarding work permit extensions. Here are some of the types of extensions you may want to look into:

  • Canadian experience class
  • Permanent residence
  • Basic work permit extension or change
  • New work permit for a new job
  • Skilled worker and professional class
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