Canadian Immigration: Getting Hired as a Temporary Worker

Are you considering a career move or immigration to Canada? With the financial crisis of 2008 still causing job losses and employment problems in countries across the world, you may be thinking of setting a new career path, such as working in Canada.

The increased development that has been evident in provincial and urban Canadian territories has attracted lots of people from around the world to seek employment in this country.

With a growing economy, there are lots of job offers and business opportunities to consider. If you are thinking of working in Canada, you may want to read on for some helpful information on becoming a temporary worker.

What is a temporary worker?

A temporary worker is basically a person who works in Canada, but is not a permanent resident or citizen of the country. As the name implies, temporary workers are allowed to get employed for a certain period only.

To get approved as a temporary worker, foreign workers normally have to be offered a job by a Canada-based employer. In most cases, the temporary work permit is valid for six months or multiples of six months, depending on the job offer and the decision of Customs and Immigration Canada.

How can you enter Canada as a temporary worker?

To apply for a temporary work permit, you must first be offered a job by a Canada-based employer. The employer is required to file their request with the local Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC) office.

The HRSDC will look into the job offer and approve or disapprove it. If approved, the HRSDC notifies a Canadian visa office in your local area. You will then be able to fill out and complete the application requirements for temporary work. Temporary workers may need to apply for a temporary resident visa as well.

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