Researching Notable Canadian Universities

Indeed there are a lot of universities to consider when planning to study in Canada. Every province and region has its own university, all boasting of their own top-grade education. In other countries, all universities operate under a single university-wide accreditation system. In Canada, the universities are responsible for their own and are members of the AUCC (Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada).

What Canadian universities have to offer

One of the signatures of Canadian universities is their ability to be able to give an excellent bilingual education. Because Canada has both English and French for their official language, students are groomed to speak both languages fluently, further expanding the horizon for future career growth.

People who speak multiple languages simply have an edge, especially in this highly globalized corporate world.

Short list of Canadian universities:

University of Toronto

This university is said to be one of the best universities in Canada. In fact, is ranked 24th in the 2008 Academic Ranking of World Universities. If it’s engineering or computer science that you are aiming at, then the University of Toronto would fit perfectly for you as it is one of the best in the world when it comes to these fields.

McGill University

If you feel like staying in Montreal, then it would be perfect since McGill University is located there. It is one of the top Canadian Universities, especially when it comes to medical and doctorate degrees. If it’s the field of medicine that you are planning to get into, McGill offers quality education and competitive training. McGill University also ranks highly when it comes to their law program. They have been known to groom excellent lawyers. The law school requires students to have at least a reading knowledge of French. It offers a joint B.C.L. or LL.B degree for Common and Civil Law.

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