Obtaining Work Permits for Students: International Permits oafter Graduation

Studying in a university is indeed an important step in anyone’s career. This would easily translate into high paying jobs and better chances of getting promoted. Because colleges and universities would provide students with new skills, companies are looking to hire employees that have graduated from any of them.

However, college education can be quite expensive, and so students may want to earn extra while studying.

This option is available to foreign students who have secured their own work permits ot either work on or off-campus. If you are planning to be a working student, here are some things you need to know:

Work permit for students

Students who have study permits are also given the chance to work. This is great since they may want to have some money to get around and discover the rich culture Canada has to offer. Students have the choice of working in the campus itself, off-campus, through internship programs, and work after graduation.

Working on campus

If you plan to work in your university, there are a number of requirements that you would have to first know about. You wouldn’t need a work permit if you are a full-time student of a university or college and plan to work in that institution.


Canada also has an off-campus working program for students. This allows the students to work outside the campus, provided they are full-time students of a college or university. You must remember that not all programs offered by private institutions are applicable to you. It’s best that you inquire about this before enrolling to any school.

Obtaining the work permit

The work permit application can be obtained online or at a qualified university. It would be best to ask the person concerned in your university about your eligibility as a working student in Canada.

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