International Students: Learning English and French in Canadian Universities

Nowadays, knowing a single language just isn’t enough. The corporate world simply has gone more and more global, and it’s quite important to know a number of languages in able to compete.

Learning English

Of course, one of the most popularly spoken languages in the world would have to be English. Most people around the globe understand English even if they don’t necessarily speak it. Becoming good at English would give you a competitive edge as it is spoken by most of the people you will encounter in the corporate world.

Learning French

Another important language to learn is French. Not only is French spoken in France, but also in countries such as Switzerland, Belgium, Algeria, and even Canada. French is an important language to learn especially since a lot of business is also conducted in France or with French-speaking businessmen.

Learning two languages in one country

You will be able to learn both English and French in Canada as both are its official languages. The Canadian government stresses the importance of bilingual education. There are also a lot of schools and universities in this country that offer language tutorial or lessons.

The best way to learn a language

It can be quite difficult to learn a language when you are in a place where people do not speak much of it. However, When you are living in Canada, you will be immersed with people who speak both English and French fluently. This will give you an easier time to become fluent, as English or French, or both, will become very familiar to your ears. You will also get to speak the languages most of the time as opposed to looking for someone to speak them with. Moreover, you will also be given the chance not only to speak these languages fluently but also to use them in writing.

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