Quality of Living in Canada: Canada World Ranking in Quality of Life

When it comes to migration, one of the concerns aside from a new source of income is the quality of living. This is a very important aspect especially if you are looking to raise a family in a foreign country. Canadian cities are known to be popular migration destinations in the world, and one of the best in the Americas when it comes to quality of living.

Living in a safe place

According to the Mercer Quality of Living Survey, Canada is one of the top migration destinations in the Americas when it comes to personal safety. The crime rate of Canadian cities such as Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa are all very low. This means that the safety of you and your family are pretty much ensured.

Top Canadian cities

When it comes to quality of living, a lot of Canadian cities are among the top in the world, with Vancouver coming in at number 3 according to the 2008 Mercer’s Quality of Living Survey. It is then followed by Toronto (#15), Ottawa( #19), Montreal (#22), and Calgary (#26). Simply put, Canada is a safe place to live in, and for your kids to grow up in.

Vancouver as the no. 1 livable city according to The Economist

According to the Economist’s Most Livable Cities survey in 2008, Vancouver is the number one livable city in the world, while Toronto follows at number 5. Seeing the high rankings of Canadian cities in such surveys gives you a general idea that Canada is indeed one of the best countries when it comes to quality of life. The factors that are considered by these surveys include political stability, public transportation, education, hygiene, and safety.

These aspects are evident in many major Canadian cities so you can be sure that living in Canada would be a great experience for you and your family.

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